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The Ultimate Teacher Back To School Supply Guide

The Ultimate Teacher Back To School Supply Guide

After 7 years of teaching, I am past the need to buy all the cute stuff…I just want the basics.  To be honest, I am so sick of spending my own personal money on chevron borders that kids just end up ripping off the wall, or the perfect teal color homework baskets.  In the end, the kids care more about you than the decor (at least keep your room somewhat clean…that does matter).  This list is also perfect for when your department head asks you if you need any supplies and you can not think of one single thing.  

Kids always have their back to school list…this one is for you teachers!

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The Only Supplies You Really Need As A Teacher

  1. Post-its.  In all sizes and colors!
  2. Sharpies-as many as you can afford!
  3. Expo Markers
  4. Class set of mini whiteboards
  5. Pain Reliever to keep in your desk for many reasons.  Believe me, you want almost everything you have in the medicine cabinet at home in your desk.
  6.  Coffee and/or caffeine in general!
  7. Kleenex in bulk!
  8. Band-aids.  I had no idea how many of these I would need.
  9. M and M’s or your favorite treat
  10. Clorox wipes
  11. Febreze
  12. Colored paper 
  13. Laminating sheets
  14. Notecards
  15. To do list pad
  16. Highlighters
  17. Class set of colored pencils, markers, crayons
  18. Binder and paper clips
  19. Scotch tape
  20. An electric pencil sharpener that will actually work.  Someone, please send me one that lasts an entire school year!
  21. Gel pens
  22. Your own pencils and pens (ones that you do not give away).  I like to have my own stash of mechanical pencils and favorite pens.  I love the cheap Papermate blue pens, but everyone has their preference.  
  23. A phone charger for your classroom
  24. A laptop charger for work and home
  25. Hand Sanitizer
  26. A special stamp for a quick check of notebooks, planners, or student work.  I have seen signature stamps before…I must get one!
  27. Chocolate.  This is needed all of the days!  Sometimes even at 7 am.  Don’t judge.  Be careful though because kids will find out that it is at your desk.
  28. A good bag or backpack to take a laptop, papers, and randomness to and from work.  Check out this bag.  
  29. A good planner/lesson plan book.  I can not live without a planner! I use the Create 356 planner, but I am eying this Planner by At-A-Glance .teacher planner 
  30. Desk lamp for when the fluorescent lights are giving you a migraine.  Also great for when you don’t want people to know you are in your room during lunch or after school.
  31. Christmas lights for ambient lighting.  This can make the biggest difference in your classroom environment.  I also have a few lamps around the room.
  32. Mini fridge and/or microwave.  Not a need, but oh so nice to have.  



My mother-in-law surprised me with a box of teacher supplies.  It pretty much made my week. No better way to a teachers heart than a tub full of school supplies.

The ultimate back to school teacher supply guide, expo markers, paper,
Best gift ever!


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