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What Moms Want…From Their Other Half

What Moms Want…From Their Other Half

They say that most women show their anger through exhausting, heartbreaking, and deafening silence.  I admit I am one of those.  Moms are especially prone to this “anger silence” because after having our kids shout at us all day, we don’t want to talk about it.  Many times we choose not to communicate, not to fight, not to say a word because we do not want to be the nagging wife on top of everything else.  The nagging wife is fierce, raw, caffeine deprived, and plain old bossy.  Yuck! 

From the many mom conversations I have had this is our public service announcement to our husbands, boyfriends, partners, or however you may claim them. Partners if you pick a few to execute I almost guarantee a happier wife, more romance, happier kids, and a cleaner and more sane home. 

 This is what moms want…or most of them.

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We want you to want to!

  • We want you to want to wash the dishes!
  • We want you to want to clean out the fridge because stuff is growing eyes in there.
  • We want you to want to fold that load of laundry, not put it back in the dryer.
  • We want you to vacuum the entire room instead of the pile of Cheerios in the corner. Seriously, if you got the vacuum out why not clean the entire floor.
  • We want you to not go to the bathroom for 30 minutes and get lost in there.  Especially right when you get home, when the kids need to be buckled in their car seats, and after dinner when the dishes need to be done.  We know you are on your cell phone.
  • We want you to help arrange babysitters, daycare, dance class, soccer camp, play dates (who has time for those), and karate.
  • We want to hear we are doing a decent job. 
  • We want to still get away with you-just you.  It could be camping in a field for all we care, as long as little kids are not running around our tent.a night away, camping, couples getaway
  • We want you to want to help!
  • We want you to get down on the bathroom floor and clean up the pee around the bottom of the toilet. Agh! Why is it so hard to aim?
  • We want you to go buy the school supplies with us. 
  • We want you to say go on a girls weekend without kids.  
  • We want you to go in for parent teacher conferences with us.
  • We want to not ask you for permission to leave the house.  And yes, the kids are staying home.
  • We want you to know that you are not babysitting your own children.  
  • We want you to know that sleep is the best currency in marriage, so let’s invest!
  • We want to be able to get ready without the kids climbing on the toilet next to us.
  • We want to hear we are beautiful, even if we smell like vomit.  
  • We want to be a team, not opponents.
  • We want you to be happy.Happy dad and kids, kids, parenting, co-parenting
  • We want our kids to be happy.
  • We want you to you know that sometimes we do not ask for help, because why should we have to ask in the first place.  This is the life we built.
  • We want you to know that we still choose you, but sometimes it is freaking hard being a mom and a wife all in the same motion.
  • We want you to pray. 
  • We want you to know that yes we miss “us” before kids, but dang we love those little monsters.
  • We want you to know that we appreciate you putting up with us, and lists like this.
  • We want you to pull us back up when we fall off our mommy rockers.
  • We want you to take initiative again.
  • We just don’t want to feel alone.  We don’t want to feel like we are doing this by ourselves, okay?

Maybe this list is too much, heck if they did it all we would wonder if something was wrong. What do we really want?  Tomorrow this list could change!

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